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Browse through this resource on for descriptions and lists of some interesting Canadian gardening blogs that you might enjoy visiting.

Barbara’s Garden Chronicles (Oakville, ON)
Blogging since November 2007 / Blogger: BarbaraPC
Barbara is a Canadian Master Gardener.

Crafty Gardener / Canadian Blog Hop (Bay of Quinte, ON)
Blog est. 2004 / Blogger: Linda
Linda’s website include write-ups and images relating to crafts and gardening, gardening resources, a growing list of Canadian blog sites, photography, and book lists. She also shares some delicious-looking recipes.

Cookie Buxton Canadian Gardening Blog (Winnipeg, MB)
Blog est. July 2014 / Blogger: Nadine Kampen (owner of the Cookie Buxton Canadian garden blog and website)
Nadine is a marketing manager for a professional consulting firm and award-winning non-fiction author. Over the course of her career, she wrote a number of gardening articles published in The Manitoba Gardener magazine, and she has published articles in various lifestyle and business journals. Nadine enjoys sharing photography of world gardens, parklands, and wilderness, along with images of home and cottage gardens and plants.

David Hobson Garden Humour (Waterloo, ON)
Blog est. 1998 / Blogger David Hobson
David  has written two books of humorous garden stories –  Soiled Reputations and Diary of a Mad Gardener.

Gardening Canuck (Winnipeg, MB)
Blogger: Dorothy Dobbie
Dorothy is the publisher of Gardener Living magazines. Many folks have enjoyed her garden/dining tours held in support of the renowned Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Garden Writers  (Toronto, ON)
Blog est. 2008+/ Blogger Mark Disero
Mark maintains a Canadian Garden Writers directory of resources and provides links to Canadian garden blogs and gardening websites plus links to radio and television resources, listed by province. Mark was Chair of The First All-Canadian Rose Show held in 2008 at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton & Burlington.

In Marilyn’s Garden (Winnipeg, MB)
Blogging since 2008 / Blogger: Marilyn
Marilyn is a Canadian Master Gardener and Volunteer with Friends of Gardening Manitoba, serving as a gardening coach and enjoying travelling to visit international gardens.

Marjorie Harris’ Blog (Toronto, ON)
Blogger: Marjorie Harris
Features blog posts by Canadian gardening author Marjorie Harris, with links to her 15+ books on northern gardening.

The Empress of Dirt (Strathroy, ON)
Blog est. 2000 / Blogger: Melissa J. Will a.k.a. the Empress of Dirt
Melissa has published a number of online books and resources for her blog fans.

The Wild Garden (Ottawa, ON)
Blogger: Amber Westfall
Website/blog describes itself as “your doorway to local, organic and sustainably harvested wild foods and herbs of the Ottawa bioregion.”

Three Dogs in a Garden (Brampton, ON)
Blog Founder: Jennifer Connell; joined by contributors Jean Godawa, science teacher and writer, and Signe Langford, restaurant-chef-turned-writer. In 2105, Signe published her book Happy Hens & Fresh Eggs; Keeping Chickens in the Kitchen Garden. 

Links to more Canadian gardening blogs …

Canadian Garden Joy 
Heidi Horticulture
Hole Garden Blog (Alberta)
Steinbach Area Garden Club
The Resource Trug – There Blooms a Garden
Toronto Gardens (Toronto, ON)
You Grow Girl (Toronto, ON)

Gardening blogs in the other locations

United States…

Cold Climate Gardening Blog Directory
Developed and managed by Kathy Purdy in New York, this blog’s directory offers links to northern gardens, typically in zone 5 and colder but also referencing Canadian blogs that touch into Zone 3 and below. Check out Kathy’s personal garden blog entries and her particular focus on northern gardens combined with information related to east coast American gardens.

Fine Gardening
The magazine’s website offers an interesting read and attracts active bloggers to its articles. Blog entries are easy to locate from the top level menu, which rolls down to link you to nine blog categories, such as Games for Gardeners, Thoughts from a Foreign Field, and Cool Green Gardens.


The Austrialian Garden Directory features listings and links to garden blogs, and includes links to a variety of resources for home gardeners, including seed exchange clubs, lists of parks and public gardens, gardening tips, articles, and connections to garden supply and nursery stores.