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Enjoy gardening articles and photographs about northern gardens, wildlife, and public gardens in Canada and abroad through Cookie Buxton's What's New blog listings.

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Special garden guests include pets, bees, butterflies, and birds, and a host of other friendly creatures.

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For those who no longer actively keep a garden, or who want to extend their creativity to other areas, constructing a miniature garden might be the right spare time hobby.

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The world is full of gorgeous gardens - starting with those near you. Whether you are an armchair traveller or planning a future trip, the Blog for Spare Time Gardeners shares ideas for your list.

Latest From The Blog

  • Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria, England

    Driving from the north into Cumbria’s Lake District in northwest England offered us some delightful views. It was early evening, and we were able to enjoy looking out over the hills (referred to locally as fells) and valleys along the route to […]

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  • Hadrian’s Wall at Birdoswald Roman Fort, England

    Visiting Hadrian’s Wall, at the site of Birdoswald Fort, one of the Roman military sites along Hadrian’s Wall in England, was fascinating for me. I had long wanted to see the remnants of the ancient wall that runs between the […]

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  • Dawyck Botanic Garden and Arboretum, Scotland

    Wonderful Dawyck Botanic Garden and Arboretum – how fortunate we were to walk along its pathways crisscrossing 26 hectares (65 acres) in the Scottish Borderlands, in Stoho, south of Edinburgh.
    And how fortunate we all are that the former estate owners – the Veitch […]

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  • The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland

    On the day we visited the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), June 19, 2016, we were fortunate to find a nearby parking space and enter via the RBGE’s East Gate on Inverleith Row. It was an accidental starting point, but entering by one gate […]

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  • My Post-British-Garden-Tour Blues

    How perfect could it be? 2016 was the summer of my 60th birthday. I had my British garden tour planned in my head for, gosh, at least a decade. I knew with certainty where I wanted to go, what I […]

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  • Vallarta Botanic Garden, Mexico

    Text and images by guest contributor Sheri Bailey…

    Vallarta Botanic Garden (Photo 1)
    While visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during Spring Break, 2016, I had an opportunity to take what is known as the “Hidden Mexico” tour. This tour of Puerto Vallarta’s southern region provides an insight into the area […]

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  • Glasgow Botanic Garden, Scotland

    What a great pleasure it was to visit Glasgow’s lovely Botanic Garden in summer 2016 as our first tourist stop in Scotland.
    It has been almost 200 years since botanist Thomas Hopkirk founded Glasgow’s Botanic Garden in the city’s west end […]

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  • Red-winged Blackbird

    Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus).
    The red-winged blackbird is a true harbinger of spring in Canada. Common throughout North America, the red-winged blackbird claims most of southern Canada as nesting territory, and also nests well into Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories, settling in […]

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  • Devonian Gardens, Calgary, Alberta

    In chinook territory, where warm winds can break the grip of winter, residents and visitors in Calgary get to enjoy an even better break from winter on a daily basis. Calgary’s delightful Devonian Gardens, set in the heart of the […]

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  • Ice Sculpture Exhibit at Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival

    In Canada, we experience winter wonderland for many months of the year, and our intrepid citizens for the most part cherish the winter season and the opportunities it brings for outdoor recreation. Some folks, and I am one of these, view our […]

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